IS200 – small items engraving & milling



Manufacturer: Gravograph

Model: IS200

IS200 – small items engraving & milling

The IS200 is an adjustable machine for engraving, cutting and milling small items, sign plates and technical labels.

This engraving machine benefits from a unique mechanical structure, providing a completely unrestricted working area, which makes it easy to attach oversized items to the machine for engraving.

IS200 – Mechanical engraving machine

The IS200 is an engraving machine for small items. Ideal for:

  • Small items personalisation
  • Badges
  • Part marking and engraving
  • Small signs
  • Plaques
  • Flat objects and pen engraving  (with the pen attachment)

In addition to these items and applications, the IS200 engraver has a number of fantastic features:

Reliable and comfortable engraving machine

The reliability and quality of the IS200’s engraving comply with Gravograph’s high manufacturing standards.

This engraving machine provides a clear surface work area for easy access, which will make your tasks more simple and quicker to complete than ever before.

Very quiet spindle motor with direct current.

Plus, an LCD display screen on the engraver allows the user to have direct control over the process and the engraving parameters, thus offering good ergonomics and high productivity.

Go even further with the IS200 engraver

It has a complete range of spindles, clamping accessories and tools to suit the evolution of applications.

Add Gravostyle™, Gravograph’s software to design work and carry it out efficiently on the IS200.

IS200 engraver and IS200TX technical specifications


X and Y axis Engraving area covered in one pass: 80 x 225 mm
Flatness tolerance: 0.2 mm
Maximum clearance in X between columns: 300 mm
Maximum clearance in Y axis: unlimited
Z axis Spindle travel : 75 mm
Spindle travel at bottom of vice: 48 mm
Spindle Tool diameter : 4.36 mm
Rotation speed: 17000 tr/mn
Direct current mechanical power
Clamping system Vice: concentric holding
Maximum opening of vice: 100 mm
Height of vice jaws: 34 mm
Net weight IS200: 20 kg
IS200 TX: 45kg

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