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IS400 – A4 format engraving and machining



Manufacturer: Gravograph

Model: IS400

IS400 – A4 format engraving and machining

This engraving machine is most commonly used for signage, labelling and identification of industrial parts.IS200 – Mechanical engraving machine

IS400 – mechanical engraving machine

Engraving and machining mechanical machine. Perfect for:

  • Machining
  • Front panels
  • Part marking
  • Industrial signage
  • 3D engraving
  • Stainless steel engraving
  • Plastic and metal engraving

Computer-connected and ergonomic engraver

Connected to a computer, it uses Gravostyle software by Gravograph. The IS400 engraving machines come with automatic surface sensors and laser beam (Gravograph innovation) as standard. They make it simple to use and easy to position the item to engrave on the machine.

The IS400 is a PC connected machine.

In addition, its design gives you complete access to the item to engrave and facilitates the placement, adjustment and removal of items from the machine.

A reliable engraving machine above all

The design, robustness and capabilities of the IS400 give it some huge advantages: reliability, quality and efficiency. Its electronics optimise turnaround times.

The adjustable rotation speed of 11 000-20 000 rpm allows you to work on different materials such as metal, plastic, wood and more.

Gravostyle, the software developed by Gravograph and specially designed for our engraving and cutting machines, allows you to design your work and carry it out efficiently.

Easily upgrade your engraving and machining equipment

The IS400 machine allows you to engrave very large and cylindrical items by simply adapting its base.

A complete range of spindles, clamping accessories and tools to suit the evolution of applications.

The Automatic Plate Feeder accessory allows you to load a series of plaques that are fed in, engraved and released automatically.


To get to know the IS400 engraving machine better, here are its main technical characteristics:


X and Y axis Engraving area 305 x 210 mm
Flatness tolerance 0.2 mm
Max. clearance in X axis between columns 370 mm
Max. clearance in Y axis unlimited
Z axis Spindle travel 40 mm
Spindle travel at bottom of vice 120 mm
Spindle travel with clamping table 33 mm
Spindle Tool diameter 4.36 mm
Rotation speed 11 to 20 000 rpm
Direct current mechanical power 75 W
Clamping systems Vice concentric holding
Opening of vice jaws 230 mm
Height 76 mm
Weight 50 kg

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